Honey for Healing: Manuka Honey skin wound cream, natural & effective

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H E A L    F A S T E R!

Your New Best Friend in WOUND & SKIN HEALING is Here.

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Sweet Relief

Get Fast Healing and Enhanced Skin-Tissue Regeneration thanks to our All-Natural Wound Cream made with Precious & Powerful Manuka Honey.

Its Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, and Hydrating Properties make it Ideal for Rapid Soothing & Healing of minor injuries and Broken, Tired, or simply Dry Skin. 

Apply the Cream and See For Yourself

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Our Cream is Developed & Produced in the USA by our Small USA Family-Business in Pennsylvania.
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What size is it?  The dispenser contains 1.75 oz (50gr) of cream.

Is it for Wounds or Skincare? It was developed for skin wounds however our customers tell us it does wonders to the skin as well.

Is Manuka Honey better than normal honey? The healing properties of Manuka honey are far superior (scientifically documented).

Is it better than raw honey? Yes, Our formula is non-sticky and is readily absorbed which makes it more practical & easy to apply.

Can I apply it directly to the wound? Absolutely! that's what we recommend.

Can I apply it daily on my face? Definitely yes. Many already do.