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Manuka honey, your only non peroxidal honey carressing your wounds for decades
Its Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, and Hydrating Properties make it Ideal to treat many skin conditions
Fast Healing and Enhanced Skin-Tissue Regeneration

Our Sweet Products

Made with Powerful Healing Mānuka Honey

Powerful Manuka Honey

Manuka’s unique non-peroxide property enables the skin to heal rather than kill skin cells.

Manuka Honey contains much higher levels of antioxidants and antibacterial properties than typical honey.

Wounds will be cleaned and kept moist through the hydroscopic properties of Manuka Honey.


Mānuka Honey is known for its therapeutic benefits when applied to the skin

Honey for Healing® Wound Cream

This Powerful Healing Cream with High-Purity Manuka Honey (UMF15+) brings you the following benefits:

Reduces if not eliminates scarring on cuts and heals lingering open wounds , road rash, etc. Soothes open wounds, closing them progressively by keeping the wound sterile and moist.

    • Encourages skin regeneration.
    • Plumps skin through hydrating.
    • If you want a natural Skin cream, without steroid reactions, Our wound cream is a must.

Honey for Healing® Lip Balm

Formulated from natural ingredients, we challenge you to find a better lip moisturizer!

Manuka Honey retains the moisture on your lips. Lips have no moisture glands!

Our recyclable paper Tube gives you the advantage of not adding to plastic waste.

Honey for Healing® Reviver

Our Mānuka Oil Reviver is a Soothing, Nourishing Regenerator for your skin.

This rich, luxurious Manuka Oil skin reviver is high-performance skincare and a beautiful ritual to revive your skin ALL in one.

It hydrates and protects while melting in to repair dry, sore skin, leaving it more moisturized for 72 hours, so it looks and feels silky-soft, smooth, firm, and revived.

A customer favorite for those struggling with diabetes and extra dry skin. This deeply nourishing cream will calm, soothe and moisturize irritated skin.


Most frequently asked questions

  • Stands for Unique Manuka Factor.
  • UMF is a quality mark identifying natural unadulterated manuka honey produced in New Zealand.
  • The trademark ensures purity, quality and that the honey contains unique natural properties.

It is a single flora honey with specific non peroxidal properties, which do not kill the skin cells but let them heal as though there was no intrusion into the skin.

Only 20% of the crop is over 15 UMF, which is the medicinal grade.

  • NO harmful synthetic antibiotics aggressing your skin.
  • Promotes natural rapid healing.
  • Prevents infection.