In just 9 days the healing is complete.

It all started with a bike ride. Gjoko was cycling through his hometown when he took a spill and landed face-first on the macadam.

His face a mess, he had a revelation. Having been made familiar with medicinal grade Manuka honey, he procured some and treated the wound solely with the honey. “I’ve seen good success on small wounds, but this IS a test, and if it does not work, I can’t blame anyone,” he thought. Within nine days, his face was completely healed. The thin red line, which was the evidence of the mishap, wound also disappear just as Dr. Peter Molan had told him it would. Today there is no scar, not a clue that he’d kissed the dirt.

This experience led Gjoko to this realization: every home in the U.S. should have a tube of Honey For Healing.