Honey is a powerful thing.

Manuka Honey is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it will speed up the healing process and calm the inflammation that causes pain. 

Naturally acidic, this honey creates its own germ-fighting hydrogen peroxide when introduced to a wound. In addition to that, Manuka honey stimulates white cell growth to fight infection. 

Manuka Honey’s high sugar content dries wounds faster, speeding up new cell growth, providing the atmosphere for fast healing. When the Manuka honey is applied along with a bandage, it creates a safe, moist environment. 

In an era where infections are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, Honey for Healing should be in your home for fresh wound care. 


A Safer Way To Heal

Most modern healing creams try to moisturize with added chemicals. The downside is that this can leave your wound prone to bacterial growth—the exact opposite of what you want. Because of Manuka Honey’s antibacterial properties, you eliminate the risk of any bacterial growth and still get naturally moisturizing benefits. It’s a win-win!

No Pain, All Gain

Healing products that stick to bandages usually end up re-opening the wound, completely defeating the purpose. When applied under a bandage, Manuka Honey will not stick to a wound. It draws out fluid from the wound, providing a thin layer of diluted honey that won’t stick. Taking of that bandage is pain-free, revealing your freshly-healed skin.

A Quick Overview:

Honey for Healing works by...
• Stimulating the white blood cells that fight infection
• Controlling inflammation
• Soothing and drying


White Paper 

We are grateful to Dr Blaik Halling for his contribution of the white paper titled:
Anti-infective and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Manuka Honey: A
Review of the Current State

To download the white paper click HERE.


Additional publications being used in our research: