How We Got Here

Hi, I'm Gjoko, the founder of 'Honey for Healing'.

You wouldn't believe how it started...

I was riding my bike as I do daily...

until one day (still not sure why)....BOOM! I crashed.
It was a very painful fall that ended with a 'faceplant'.

As soon as I got back home, bleeding, I thought I'll try some Manuka honey which I had with me from my recent trip to New Zealand (Kiwis know about the healing properties of Manuka)...I had a good feeling about it so I started taking pictures and in a few days...'Lo and behold', my face was completely healed.

Here are some of them (mostly blurred for the squeamish) as I documented the progress.
Gjoko testing manuka honey on wounds

I was so amazed by the effectiveness of the honey I contacted my friend (Dr. Peter Molan) who's a medical expert researching the Manuka honey properties. He kindly explained to me how it works on the skin on a cellular level.

I also started reading medical publications about it (you can see some in the 'science' page)

For weeks I couldn't help asking myself why people don't resort to this magical & natural wound care cream more often, instead of using over-the-counter chemical stuff which is less effective?

It then occurred to me that most people wouldn't walk around with gooey honey smeared on their face. It would be expensive, wasteful and very impractical.

That's when I decided to challenge myself to find a formula that would maintain the healing properties while eliminating the stickiness and allowing easy application of the cream.

I spoke with countless experts on formulations, ingredients and packaging.

After many trials, our team managed to come up with a winner that was all natural, smooth on the skin, and very effective.

And that my friends, is how the Honey for Healing wound cream was born.

We wanted to test it with a variety of people so we gave it to friends of all ages to try (moms with kids, middle-aged women, athletes, soldiers and more). The response has been incredible. They all loved it!

people loved it

Since then, we've had so many positive reviews from customers, not only for wound care dressing but also for skin that's simply dry, broken or just "tired".

It received raving reviews as a skincare product with anti-aging effects.

We're a small business just outside Philly (PA). We're happy to share the healing with you and we hope you introduce it to others. Sharing is caring!

Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!


Now also available on Amazon here:

honey for healing amazon