Our Manuka Honey: The Sweet Treatment To Your Wounds

Our first blog dived deep into the topic of Manuka Honey and why (and how) it has so many wonders. There’s just one important thing: Honey For Healing offers you premium Manuka honey that differs (for wonderful reasons) from your average Manuka Honey (just kidding, no manuka honey is average, it’s manuka honey)!


How We Discovered The Powers Of Manuka Honey


Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), we learned just how much of a powerhouse manuka honey is the hard way.


I, Gjoko, like to ride my bike every day. It’s my passion. It’s my bread to my butter. But. One day, I had a fall. Faceplant, I believe, is the correct term.


I’ll (happily) spare you the gruesome details but to paint a vague picture: blood was shed. Luckily, I wasn’t concussed, or, I was still conscious enough to remember that I had some Manuka honey (from a recent trip I took to New Zealand where the Manuka tree flowers and alas Manuka honey is produced). So, when I returned home, I applied it directly to the faceplant-affected area.


Low and Bee-hold


In a few short days, my face was completely healed! Had I just made a million-dollar discovery? Well, that’s not for me to share. But I can share with you Honey for Healing – and it really works!


 Our Manuka Honey


Ever heard of UMF? It stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It was a term coined by scientists to identify the quality mark of natural unadulterated manuka honey (produced in New Zealand). The identifier tests a range of properties in the honey, including purity (Manuka Corner, n.d.).


UMF has 5 categories:


5+ A natural sweetener with added healthy lifestyle benefits.
15+ High potency to support your body in its everyday health & wellness
25+ Very high potency with added nutritional support.


Source: (UMF TM, n.d.)


All of our honey rates are in the 15+ UMF range. A Manuka Honey that has a UMF score of 15+ is presumed to have potent antibacterial properties (Carter, et al, 2016) i.e., it’s purer and so will heal your wounds quicker! If you want to learn about the anti-microbial properties of Manuka Honey, head over to our other blog *insert title & link*



Why Choose Our Honey Cream Healer Over The Rest


You’ll find science in our previous blog; in this blog, we’re sharing with you the raving response we’ve received from our customers!


It started off as an idea for a natural remedy to help open wounds. It grew to something much more. My passion turned to Manuka honey because the medicines we receive over the counter are chemical-filled-and-often-not-super-effective. When there’s a natural remedy that works wonders and has no nasties, who wouldn’t want to give it a try?


Well, our customers tried. And their results were astonishing. Customers came back to us saying our honey cream worked on their skin. It turned their skin from dry, broken, and tired-looking to rejuvenated, plump, and hydrated! Wrinkles appeared reduced, and smiles grew all around.


I learned about the wonders of Manuka the hard way; you don’t have to. Use it to help a wound. Use it to moisturize your skin. It has a magnitude of uses and, they all work!



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