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All honey has natural antibacterial properties. Honey from the Manuka bush takes the healing to a new level.

Honey for Anti-inflammator Manuka honey is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it will speed up the healing process and calm the inflammation that causes pain. Honey for Antibacterial Manuka honey is acidic, creating its own germ-fighting hydrogen peroxide when introduced to fluid draining from a fresh wound. In addition to that, Manuka honey stimulates white cell growth to fight infection. Honey for Healing Manuka honey’s high sugar content causes it to draw pus and fluid from a fresh wound. It speeds up new cell growth, providing the atmosphere for fast healing. When the Manuka honey is applied along with dressing on a fresh wound, it creates a safe, moist environment. Usual wound care protocol calls for keeping the area dry to avoid infection. Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties prevent infection as well as the foul odor that often comes with infected wounds. In fact, the moistness allows removal of the dressing without also removing new, healthy growth. In an era where infections are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, Honey for Healing should be in your home for fresh wound care. Learn more about the science of Manuka Honey and the work of Dr. Peter Molan.